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Brickell Bodies Featuring Dr. Ivan Rusilko

When it comes to managing physical fitness, family and career, balance is the most essential ingredient. Get to know a few of Miami’s fittest professionals and find out what makes them tick and how their journey can inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible.

Dr. Ivan Rusilko Dr. Ivan Rusilko grew up in a town that was known for two things: Record amounts of snowfall and a state championship high school hockey program. “Inevitably, I was versed in shoveling snow and scoring goals from a very young age,” he says. Today, as the founder of Lifestyle Medicine in Miami Beach, Dr. Rusilko has a duty to stay fit. “Fat loss is one of the pillars of my practice, staying in shape isn’t just a hobby, it’s a requirement,” he says. “It’s one of the major reasons those 6 a.m, alarms don’t turn into 7:30 a.m.!” Wow Workout: Dr. Rusilko relies on a a timer-based system centered around grabbing a pair of dumbbells, playing a song (3-4 mins) and curling until the song is over. “About halfway through, you’ll understand exactly how I keep myself in shape!” Winning attitude: He was crowned Mr. USA in 2008 and got to compete against 75 other countries in Taiwan for Mr. International. Then in 2010, he competed for the Mr. World title in South Korea against 95 countries.

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