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Miami Beach Sports Nutritionist And Personal Trainer Dr.Ivan Rusilko Dishes On Staying Forever Young

Dr. Ivan Rusilko strongly believes we really can have it all, so the osteopath, certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer designed his Miami Beach medical practice (Lfstm.Com) to help patients from 14 to 90 years old achieve their best lives in myriad ways. “People want to stay young forever,” he says. To get them to reach optimal potential, Rusilko provides a range of treatments from stem cell therapy and hormone revitalization to IV therapy, detoxification and medical fat loss programs. “Nutrition is the base, and the hormones, stem cells, IVs, fitness and lifestyle adjustments all work to accelerate it,” he explains. “You start feeling better, sex gets better, you’re sleeping great. All that creates an addiction to better yourself, which is a great addiction to have. The [bonus] is that we’re decreasing cholesterol, we’re decreasing pre-diabetes, we’re fixing cardiovascular issues, and taking people off of sleeping and anxiety pills.” Rusilko says all of his patients come to him via referral, and it’s not hard to imagine why: Not only does the former two-time Mr. USA (2008 and 2010) still have an impressive physique and a face that reflects his previous modeling career, but he is also constantly brimming with enthusiasm. “People should be excited to see their doctor,” he adds. “I try to practice what I preach.”


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